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We design innovation that makes consumers

happy and clients profitable 

We are a South Australian based Design Company for product

design and all things product development.

We provide innovation solutions with a consumer focused approach.

We listen, and ask the right questions to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients.


Have the right Strategy


Design Brains help their clients achieve their objectives with compelling innovations and attractive design propositions, and we do this whilst also delivering new intellectual property as part of the commission. Each project is a partnership, based on clear understanding of the objectives that need to be achieved.




We have the creative and technical confidence to deliver solutions that keeps our clients ahead in their fields, we can draw on international staff from our Adelaide or HK offices and additional alliance partners from around the world. 


The cornerstone to most of our projects is to help our clients with three main challenges: defend your brand or process, differentiate your business from competitors and disrupt the status quo in your target markets.

Innovation Vision

We place foremost importance on unlocking the customer’s insights on the vision they have for a project or a product design. We take that vision and thrive on creating an outcome that the client could have never imagined could exist.







As a creative business, we strive to design premium quality into all our designs, we never settle for average. Our goal is to create products with value and meaning, which contribute a real improvement for the user.


We put great store in our ability to help start-ups with their dream, a great idea is a great start, but turning that idea into a fully commercialised product takes a series of steps. Step one is to let Design Brains start you on your journey of success, and guide you through the process.

"With innovation being the buzz word of today, you need to know how to achieve it through clever design and delivery. We assist Universities, and companies with teaching students the fundamentals of good design and product delivery, with the emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We teach students that until the design is manufactured, sold and fully appreciated by its target audience then true innovation has not occurred."  

Des Burns, Managing Director, Design Brains
Clear Communication


We keep our clients regularly updated on project status, ensuring the buy-in is agreed along all the design stages of successful product development.







All our clients receive a weekly project status statement on the progress of the project. We believe clear communication engagement, gets better end results, and quicker completion.  

Along the design journey it is critical we help identify and communicate the possible gaps in the client’s concepts or design offerings: pinpointing improvement opportunities that can lead to future business success for the client is important  

Work Together, Stay Together


To deliver the best solutions is sometimes about compromise when necessary and courage when required. Getting the right balance is communicating  clear options and visions that will deliver the right result for the client. 

We are hands on designers and engineers with the skills to make things, not just draw things. We understand the transformation steps of a design concept to a viable money making product.



It is essential for us at Design Brains to have good working relationships with our clients, being on the same page and sharing the same passion is very important to us. It ensures great designs are created, along with good working relationships.  

Flexible Services with Open Book Pricing..

 Our services are fully tailored to meet your requirements. We offer both fixed price contracts to hourly rates. We even have a subscription service for those that need a monthly engineering resource but do not want to carry the permanent overhead.

We can offer onsite contractors if required with their own CAD workstation.


 Our overheads are low and we pride ourselves on offering the lowest cost design services in Adelaide, that brings true value to your business.

We Love Design: It shouldn't cost the earth.


See the overview of some of our services that we can offer

Local to Adelaide CBD

 Adelaide Central design studio offers clients a relaxing meeting environment to discuss great ideas and projects

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