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Idea Creation

Design Brains prides itself on creating innovative ideas from blank pieces of paper. In many cases, we support clients with new design concept propositions only: Sketches and Renderings of new ideas is sometimes all that is required.

We find that with some companies, they already have good engineering resources and exceptional product knowledge within their sector. However, they sometimes lack new innovative thinking and new idea generation: Thinking out of the box is what we can bring to the table.









Good product design has the ability to better people’s lives. Our process for good design, centres around focusing our key questions and interactions with the client very early in the design process. Building the knowledge needed to deliver the best result. 

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Design Brains is here to support you in a way that suites your business. Providing new thinking with directional design assistance is sometimes a great way to tangible support plan B ideas, and fresh options without disrupting the apple cart within your business.
We can help deliver successful product introductions though the world's most economic manufacturing regions. We have the inventive mindset, the knowledge, experience, and the commercial understanding to be the strong partner for all facets of your new product development​, both here and overseas. 

Our passion for exploring “what if” is equalled only by our commitment to see the product successfully manufactured and in the market place

We engineer products to be viable and reliable: Good ground work on conceptions, R&D and prototype testing ensure better end results

Creating Value
We understand the importance of how to create something that has the power to stay in someone's mind and capture their imagination
Creativity depends upon building bandwidth of knowledge around all of the issues which can influence good design outcomes
Let us capture your imagination with a free consultation offering
System Engineering

Good product design requires a solid platform of engineering and system integration, to ensure that each component within the design works to its very best ability for the right design outcome.






We place key attention on the initial raw material selections, and the interaction of one component with the another within the design. Careful consideration and consultation is applied early in the concept phase on how the design will be assembled and finally packaged for market. We design around these early key decisions: setting corner stones to work within. 





To guarantee all parts are fit for function Design Brains proofs out each and every part of a design individually, as early as possible to ensure the right outcome is achieved. 

The research and development data we collect over a project time line is carefully logged, dated, and provided back to the client in a work-pack, technical file. This data is your IP and is valuable for patent applications and quality assurance archiving at the end of a project.
We are the ultimate optimists at the early concept design phases; with our glass always half full, nothing is impossible.
However, we must be also pessimists at the engineering system phases, ensuring we cater for all the what if's scenarios that can often arise from nowhere.
The balance of both worlds through a design project, whilst keeping the eye on the detail, is key to our success. Regular gate meetings also provide the client with buy in through the various engineering stages. 

We believe in

 the understanding of quality in terms of what is measurable and to what is experienced with the interaction of the design: This is central to all our work and processes.

Simple Rapid Prototypes
We always build simple prototypes as early as we can in the design process: looking at a 3D image on a screen is one thing, holding an actual sample in your hand is a game changer.
Getting the design direction right with the client early in the piece, is very important to us. Simple RP samples enables us to engage with our clients early and move forward with solutions.
FEA Studies, Thermal Analysis, Mould Flow,
Risk Assessments, QA Reports, and Patent Applications Services
Design Brains specialises in lighting design, having many years of experience in this field. Our previous lighting projects have covered the following sectors: Automotive, Marine, Industrial Lighting, Sports and Leisure. We have good knowledge of: LED, HID, and Halogen lighting systems.
Photometric Analysis of an optical design or indeed a full lighting assembly can be produced by Design Brains to obtain a level of buy in before proceeding to optic prototyping and short run production for validation. 
Final Photometric sample builds can be assessed by both mock ups, and NATA approved independent public testing laboratory. We can provide a wide variety of NATA-accredited testing and calibration services in photometry, radiometry, spectroradiometry, colorimetry, goniophotometry and other optical testing fields.
Lighting Expertise
Ray Tracing Optical Solutions
Designing the right photometric output is a highly technical process. You need to have the right tools and data to ensure the analytical results reflect what will be achieved in real life.
Years of practical hands on experience in photometric design and LED integration is just as important as being able to calculate the results, using just software. 
PCBs, MPCBs and Firmware
Our electronic design and manufacture service typically follows these phases:
Initial concept, feasibility study, hardware development phase, software and firmware development phases, BOM creation, pre-production build samples, production data release.
Working with both local and overseas PCBA partners selected for the best fit to serve your project. 
Did you Know ?

If your project is true innovation and requires R&D spend then this expense can be claimed back from the government through AusIndustry. Design Brains can help guide you through this process, and work with you on getting the support paper work in place, for rebates. Up to 45% of the total R&D spend is claimable on the design project.

See Clearly, Choose Correctly
Finding the right design partner is not just getting someone smart enough to help you through a problem.
The right partner will understand you and will be in sync with your vision, help motivate innovation, and support you with the important choices, based on cost, risks and added value.
They will guide you through the key decisions, remove the grey and fuzzy, and replace it with clear and decisive answers and actions. They will become your supportive colleague.
Let's find out if we match....
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