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Product Design / Innovation / Rapid Prototyping

Good design is central

in all that we do

Design Brains is a product design and development firm, helping companies create amazing things



Design Brains brings products, and good ideas to life, from sketchpad to market, using the best engineering skills and latest product development tools. We have designed some great products that, in each and every case, optimise design to deliver a noticeable increase in the quality of the consumer experience. We are well versed in all things design and engineering, with a specialist leaning towards consumer products. We have repeatedly delivered outstanding and rapid return on investment (ROI) for a number of clients from our Adelaide based offices. We acquire most of our work through referrals from both local and overseas clients. 
No customer's problem or design requirement is the same, so we create a bespoke strategic approach for each project that ensures through design processes and solutions, the delivery of significant commercial value.

We believe our unique proposition is to unlock true value for both the client and consumer, delivering exceptional functionality and improved experience through good design. In short, we offer cutting-edge innovation and design that makes consumers happy and businesses profitable. 

Design Services



New Product Visuals

3D Concepting

Product Mock ups

Innovation Workshop

Branding & Packaging

Modelling & Animation

Field Research

Brand Forecasting

Consumer Studies

Product Brainstorming

New Start up Platforms



Injection Mouldings

Fabrications & Castings

Structural Steels

Machined Parts 

Rubber & Silicone Parts

Current Product Analysis

Electronics PCB 

Textiles & Packaging

User Interface Analysis

Material Development

Technical Manuals 




DFMA Analysis

Fit for Function Analysis

Photometric Design

Mechanical Detail Design

Mould Flow Analysis

FEA & CFD Analysis

Manufacturing Data

Quality Assurance 


Lean Design Analysis

BOM Cost Analysis


& Manufacturing

Rapid Prototypes 24h

High End Prototypes

Electronic Prototypes

LED Prototypes

Optical Prototypes

Tooling Design

Project Engineering

Overseas Sourcing

Production Support

Production Design




Design Awards

DB Services
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